Fact or Fiction? Boats are expensive

There’s a long running joke that B.O.A.T. stands for Break Out  Another Thousand. Most things in life that are fun require money to participate and a boat doesn’t have to break the bank. It is more about finding a boat that suits you budget. According to the US Coast Guard a kayak fits the definition of a vessel. This cheap investment can stored in the garage or backyard, transported on top of a 2 door sedan (they even make trailers for bicycles!) and requires virtually no maintenance. Of course this is the low end of the spectrum whereas a 50 foot yacht may cost $2,500 a month to keep in a Newport Beach or MDR  Marina

Many factors determine how much boating will cost starting with of course the initial purchase price. However, you don’t need to own a boat. Many charter companies will rent a boat from an hourly rate up to a several week charter. This is a great option for those who live far from the water or like the option of renting a boat anywhere in the world on vacation. You don’t have to pay slip fees, maintenance or incur the cost of purchase. This is also a great way to learn what types of boats you like for a purchase down the line.

If you want to own you own boat there are ways to keep costs down. Used boats are a dime a dozen right now and there are some good private party deals right now because people are desperate to get out of their slip fees for a boat they don’t use. You can often transfer the slip into your name and score a nice marina that otherwise has a long waiting list for new permits. Boat US or Vessel Assist are offer membership towing and can provide great backup plans to get you back if something breaks. A lot of people use their boats as a floating “condo” to avoid long work commutes or simply get away so it can have a dual purpose.

Some other tips to keep boating affordable…. Keep it out of the salt on a boat lift if possible and you can save on bottom paint and lessen corrosion. If you are out on salt water be sure to wash the whole thing well with fresh water and flush the engine. Get one on a trailer and it will save you the slip fees. Keep up with maintenance and frequent cleanings will lessen the need for “deep cleanings” which are harder on paint and gel coats.

For more info on how to make boating affordable or to get some training with us so you can charter a boat in the future just visit the contact page.