Myth- Sailing/ boating is hard myth

We often hear people say that they think “driving a boat is difficult” or “I wish I could drive like that” We are here to tell you can learn to make your boat do exactly what you want. Not only that but you can also do it with strong wind and current if you approach the situation properly.


Most people don’t “practice” driving their boat. They load up the friends and family and head out on a calm morning only to come back to the dock under challenging conditions. When it comes to docking or putting the boat back on the trailer they use the “more throttle and jam it in approach” A crowded boat makes visibility harder, others make you nervous and your crew lacks proper training to be of any real help.


We would love to show you a better way. It all starts with knowing the proper techniques, and then comes the practice. In just a few hours we can show you proper techniques for driving a boat which is much different than driving a car. Most people’s approach is that of driving a car where you have the advantage of friction with the ground and of course BRAKES! Also, cars steer from the front whereas a boat steers from the back (AKA the stern.) After a bit of training you can get back on your boat and practice the techniques on your own. We will also show you how to practice an urgent situation (wind/ current/ tight slip/ close quarters) with little consequences if you make a mistake. We recommend you practice them every so often like its blowing 25 knots (there are ways to simulate urgency) so that when it’s blowing 10-15 you look like a pro.


Contact us and we can show you the techniques and principles that are universal and can be adapted to any boat.