Federal requirements for Boaters- Safety Items*

Federal requirements for Boaters- Safety Items*

The following is a list of required items for a vessel of approx. 30’ operating in Long Beach, Ca. A link to the Complete Federal Requirements is at the bottom of the page.

*The following is a guideline only, PLEASE CHECK YOU LOCAL REQUIREMENTS

1.       Registration OR Documentation- With either DMV or U.S. Coast Guard- Current paperwork carried on-board and appropriate markings on the Hull- vessel # and year sticker OR Name and hailing port

2.       Life Jackets, can be stowed for adults- appropriately sized for each person on board AND one- type IV throwable PFD.  NOTE: Children under 13 years old must wear life jacket whenever on deck

3.       Visual Distress Signals- can be handheld flares for day and night use

4.       Audible Distress Signal- generally a horn purchased from a marine chandlery (sports horn)

5.       Fire Extinguishers- TWO - Type B-I OR B-II

6.       Running lights- If operating at night or restricted visibility

7.       Pollution Placards Posted Appropriately- “Discharge of Oil” AND “Discharge of Garbage”

8.       Marine Sanitation Device- If the boat has a head/ toilet, it must meet the requirements for a Type I or II

9.       GASOLINE ENGINES (EXCLUDING OUTBOARDS)- Proper ventilation and Black flame spark arrestor.


1.       VHF Radio- allows safety communication outside of cell phone range

2.       Protection from the elements- Sun protection, jacket

3.       Anchor- for stopping for lunch AND emergency use to prevent grounding in case of engine failure and/ OR rig failure/ lack of wind.

4.       Type V PFD’s- alternative to wearable Life Jackets- these are more comfortable to wear and can be equipped with automatic inflation and harnesses to keep you from falling overboard.