Pricing and Sample Charters- 6 passengers maximum per coast guard

$150 for a 90 minute sunset sail, includes wine or champagne, 2 people, 20’ sailboat with captain

$150 for intro to sail sailing lesson, 2 people, 20’ sailboat with captain

$250 for 3 hour sailing lesson or harbor tour


53’ Sailing Yacht Vive Grande 

$850 Day-sail with Captain and Crew, up to 8 hrs

Half day sail (4 hrs or less) $650

 Bring your own drinks/ food/ or we can provide catering- BYOB


Filming and Photo Shooting Location, even selfies

Our Yacht has been in Movies, TV Shows, Short Films, Music Videos and Photo Shoots. Our location is also very special,  with gorgeous and diverse backgrounds Long Beach has been made to look like many different places in the world. The City is a very "film friendly" ( and offers an average of 287 sunny days per year. 

We can offer our yacht as a filming location with a large stable deck to set up equipment as well as large interior staterooms with a variety of options (stability is best dockside but more stable than average out on the water). The yacht also works wonderful for a photo shoot location for models, clothing/ apparel as well as sporting goods (especially the nautical and water sports variety, i.e. surfing, scuba, conservation, mermaids) 

We can also offer a stable platform to capture video or photos out on the water of the many interesting parts of the Port of Long Beach, Oil Derricks/ Oil Islands, coastline, marine life or get some shots of your own boat for advertising or for fun.

Our Yacht has a large open deck suitable for launching and recovering drones out on the ocean. 

           Price depends on specifics, but roughly $850 per 8 hours of shooting