See what our guests are saying about their time spent with us..... 

Captain Jamie rocks. He made our sunset ride a blast, explaining the different types of breaks in the water, showing us some seals on the buoy, and giving us an impromptu sailing class. We had a blast and will definitely try out all of their other services like their sailing classes or boat rentals for parties. I recommend getting a small boat. It’s private, more intimate and you get a more hands-on experience with wind sailing when the boat captain lets you take a crack at navigating.
— James L
I can not say enough good things about him  so I'll try to put it frankly. Don't let his young appearance fool you.  He DEFINITELY knows his stuff. We took 4x4 hour lessons from him. Every lesson had a game plan that followed the last lesson perfectly. Every lesson we learned hands on maneuvers, boating educate, do's, don'ts, what ifs and so on. We both walked away from his instruction confident to take on a sailboat. 

As a direct result of our lessons we had arranged a boat through one of HIS references. The entire experience was top class. I would highly recommend using Sunglow and Jaime for your lessons. You will NOT be disappointed. 

And lastly, "when in doubt, let it out!" Just one of the tidbits I learned from him that has saved me many times!"
- Brook C.

My production company found the perfect spot to shoot a short film on a Sunglow Yacht Charters' boat! If you're location scouting for a sailboat/houseboat, we'd highly recommend contacting Sunglow. They made everything as seamless and easy as possible to create the perfect set. There were so many logistics to our tight turnaround requests, but we pulled the off thanks to their willingness and hospitably. We can't wait to come back down for a sail!

-Rachel U.

Okay, I want a sailboat! Our captain really educated us on sailing and boats. It really isn’t that hard to sail one. Anyhow, the trip was fantastic! Very calming and soothing, just like meditation. I would recommend them to anyone who wants something different
— Mr. M
My bday was 6/29 and WOW my captain showed us a GREAT TIME! ALTHOUGH, I wanted a bigger boat IT DIDNT EVEN MATTER b/c the boat was still awesome. I felt like a queen on my day and they made it EASY to accomplish. THANK YOU GUYS
— Natasha P

Captain Jamie is awesome. My wife and I had a lesson today on our new boat. First time owning a twin screw. He took us step by step from start up to docking. Incredibly calm and thorough in his teaching. If you need help with the basics or more complicated maneuvers you could not find a better teacher. We will be back again soon. Boating is a lot more fun when you feel comfortable driving. Thanks Jamie

  -Scott H. 

Captain Jamie is brilliant. He has the true heart of a instructor and a way of making you feel confident while learning in moments that could make you feel frustrated or nervous. We completed Sailing 101 and there was not one area of info he left out or skipped over, he really wanted us to understand what we were doing
— Michelle R